Residues2Revenues 2024

Step changes in wood residues utilisation
  • 30-31 July, 2024, Rotorua, New Zealand
We have the potential to transform the forestry sector into a provider of biofuels, bioenergy and a range of renewable bioproducts. This event helps forest owners and managers, harvesting contractors, sawmills and wood manufacturing companies better understand the real value of wood residues and the opportunities in supplying this growing market.
Brent Apthorp, Director, FIEA

Residues2Revenues 2024

Event Details

As anticipated, the turnout to the second Residues2Revenues 2023 was a standout for the industry. Around 250 delegates attended the wood residues event, principally forest owners and managers, harvesting and log cartage contractors, those looking at utilising surplus residues from wood processing and manufacturing operations and aggregators, who were extracting, transporting, processing, drying and selling ever-increasing volumes of woody biofuels that are being sought by larger industrial heat and energy users.

And it wasn’t only New Zealand companies. A good contingent from Australia attended again and a raft of international delegates were able to join those in Rotorua, New Zealand and participate in the event remotely.


Who will attend?

  • Forest owners and managers
  • Harvesting and log cartage contractors
  • Wood processing and manufacturing operations
  • Wood fuel suppliers
  • Regional and District Council planners
  • Government policy staff
  • Wood chip, biomass and wood pellet users
  • Energy heat plant users and manufacturers
  • Researchers
  • Equipment, product and service suppliers to the industry

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Residues2Revenues 2023 offered a tremendous opportunity for companies involved in harvesting, transporting, aggregating and using wood residues to maximise their exposure to the New Zealand and Australian industries.

Exhibition opportunities included both stands inside the hotel venue, or space outside the venue for displaying larger equipment such as wood chipping and wood grinding machines, wood residue handling, slash and chip loading equipment and trucks. Please contact us for further information.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity for Residues2Revenues 2024, or other upcoming FIEA events, please contact Gordon Thomson, FIEA Marketing & Sponsorship Manager, (+64) 7 921 1384 or (+64) 27 275 8022,

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