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Australian company positions itself for green energy

8 November 2021

Sweetman Renewables expansion plans are well underway as its significance in the green energy sector grows through lucrative contracts and…
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In-field chipping equipment to be showcased

29 October 2021

Forest-based biofuels are occupying an increasingly important role in New Zealand’s energy supply. Conversions of large sale industrial heat plants…
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Forestry interest in biofuel opportunities

27 October 2021

The increasing interest in using biomass instead of fossil fuels has finally woken up the New Zealand forestry and agricultural…
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Biomass storage and safety guidelines

15 October 2021

Biomass storage is an essential part of the bioenergy supply chain. Without it, there would not be a way to…
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Biomass favourite for decarbonising SI process heat

13 October 2021

Biomass is the clear favourite for industrial process heat users in the South Island of New Zealand looking to decarbonise…
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Innovative biomass to biofuel plant announced

7 October 2021

Arbios Biotech, a joint venture of Canadian Forest Products Ltd. and Licella Holdings Ltd, has announced their decision to proceed…
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Residues to Revenues 2022 event announced

1 October 2021

For New Zealand and Australia, it’s now been over eight years since the Forest Industry Engineering Association has run a…
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New tool for solid biofuel regional supply planning

20 September 2021

Over half of New Zealand’s process heat demand is met by burning fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas,…
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Fonterra reduces emissions by 11% by switching to biomass

16 September 2021

Fonterra says it has reduced its greehouse gas emissions from coal by 11 per cent in a year, primarily due…
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Bioenergy Wood Energy Knowledge Centre expands

14 September 2021

With the increased interest in transitioning heat boilers from using fossil fuels to wood fuel the Bioenergy Association of NZ…
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Wood-fed hydrogen plant to be built in NSW

14 September 2021

Emerging renewables energy business, Sweetman Renewables Limited, has inked a lucrative, multi-million dollar joint venture agreement with CAC-H2 Private Limited…
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Wood wastes for green hydrogen

10 September 2021

Mountains of wood waste could be broken down into hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas to reduce fossil fuel consumption, University…
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Tools from forestry bioenergy project

1 September 2021

Attempts are being made to shift the focus of energy production globally more and more towards renewable energy sources. In…
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Another major NZ industrial plant switches to biomass

27 August 2021

Nelson-based company biomass fuel company Azwood Energy is building a production facility near Milton to service a burgeoning biomass fuel…
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The growing market for wood pellets

26 August 2021

Discussions are going on about the EU-Commission’s new forest strategy. In the discussions, sawn timber is pointed out as a…
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The current forest biomass controversy

25 August 2021

A major political and environmental dispute has been heating up as the forestry industry and governments promote forest biomass —…
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Biomass energy from forests can be sustainable

25 August 2021

The issue of carbon neutrality for wood-based bioenergy just won’t go away. In recent months, Politico, The New York Times,…
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Biomaterials paying dividends for forestry giant

25 August 2021

The Helsinki-based forest industry company Stora Enso doubled its business result in April-June compared to the same period last year,…
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Another major switch to wood biomass

25 August 2021

As Minister for Energy and Resources Hon Dr Megan Woods officially opened Fonterra’s wood pellet boiler at its Te Awamutu…
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Gasified woodchips power first commercial flight

25 August 2021

UK-headed Velocys plc, a developer of advanced biofuels gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology has announced that sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) produced from…
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Biofuel truck use damaging to the environment?

25 August 2021

CEAC warns that use of trucks with biodiesel will cause far more damage to environment than using electric trucks, overseas…
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Step Changes in Wood Residues Utilisation

1 July 2021

Residues to Revenues 2022 is a two day conference and exhibitions planned for NZ forest owners, sawmills and wood manufacturing…
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Residues to Revenues 2022 Launching

1 July 2021

Mark 9-10 March 2022 in your calendar. Residues to Revenues 2022 is returning due to an opportunity the New Zealand…